Shuttle AK32L

Jan 21 2003



This board is purely for the budget minded techie. The AK32L can be had for around $50 if you do your research. This is a great motherboard and I highly recommend it to anyone on a budget and looking for a reliable motherboard. Compared to the FIC AZ11 I previously owned, the AK32L is far superior. Never had any problems with it that I couldn't fix. I rate it's stability right along my MSI K7T turbo2 motherboard.

The chipset supports a maximum front side bus of 266 MHz and is backwards compatible. Surprisingly, is providing updated bios that can support current AMD processors. It's hard to find a company that still provide updated bios firmwares for this chipset. This is the primary factor I looked into before purchasing a board.

Lastly, the AK32L supports both DDR and SDR type rams. I don't believe any other motherboard manufacturer offer such configurations since DDR memory is the future and SDR memory slots are being omitted. But if you're like me who have invested a lot of money on SDR rams and would like to keep using them, then this is a great choice. If you decide later on to upgrade to DDR ram, then you won't have to buy a new motherboard.