Antec Nine Hundred Two Chassis Review

Feb 23 2011


Two thumbscrews secure the side panels and are pretty common these days. Inside is a box full of screws and standoffs, a front panel for a floppy drive, brackets to install a 3.5" drive in the 5.25" drive bays and grommets for an SSD drive installed at the bottom of the case. There's a brown strip of paper I believe is supposed to keep the case dry. It acts like a dessicant. There is no manual to be found so you are left wondering what the different screws are for. Some you'll be familiar with and some not so much. There is an online manual at Antec's website so you are not completely on your own. I guess they're trying to save on paper.

If you're going to install more than three optical drives and seven harddrives then this case will be too small for you, otherwise, there is plenty of room inside. The top drive module has a second, vacant fan cage. The motherboard tray has a cutout for simplified installation of aftermarket CPU coolers. Of course this also depends on where on the motherboard the CPU socket is located.

There are also cutouts to route wires behind the tray. Zip ties behind the tray secure any unused wires.

The power supply can be installed with the fan facing up or facing down, but the latter would not be practical as there are no ventilation holes on the bottom of the case. This is unfortunate as that may mean wires from the power supply are farther away from the cutouts to route them behind the motherboard tray. In my case I was not able to route the main motherboard wires behind the tray as it could not reach the motherboard sufficiently. Any unused wires I was able to stow away without any problems. A solution would be to use extensions wires. If your power supply is the old style where the air is pushed from front to back then this may be a non-issue.

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