Jun 8 2001 (Updated Aug 9 2002)



For $70 this is one of the cheapest motherboards for the AMD processor. It supports Duron processors up to 900mhz and Tbirds up to 1Ghz. No support for AthlonXP cpus though. FIC is too cheap to add a bios update to support it. Damn them!

Memory wise you can install a theoretical 1.5Gb of PC133 memory in the 3 memory slots available. Most of us will never use that much memory so no worries there. If we did we wouldn't be getting a $70 mobo.

This mobo covers the basic stuff. It supports ATA66, but FIC offers a ATA100 add-on card for an extra $30. I suggest you looks elsewhere if you want a ATA100 card since the one FIC is selling is only compatible with this mobo. There is no raid support that has become pretty standard with most current boards. This feature is sorely missed.

The board lacks any ISA slots but that's no biggy; ISA is old technology. You should be moving to PCI already. 5 PCI slots is what you get. That's plenty for most computer users. I for one only use two slots; my soundcard and ethernet. I have my videocard in the agp slot.

This board has an onboard, AC97 soundchip. I'm afraid it sucks. If you are really a cheapo then it should be good enough for you. Beware of the dreaded hiss.

During the two years I've owned this mobo, it's been pretty stable if you know how to set the bios settings.