Corsair Flash Voyager GT


Next, I wanted to see how well the Flash Voyager GT handles smaller files.

With USB 3.0 I transferred a folder containing 23,062 images with size averaging 50 KB and saw an abysmal 1.31 MB/s write speed and 15 MB/s read speed. That is 97% lower write speed and 89% lower read speed compared to the synthetic benchmarks. That looks very disappointing. Flash drives do not like small files at all.

With USB 2.0 the write speed is just over 1 MB/s and read speed is around 7 MB/s.


One thing to take away from this review is unless your files are several megabytes in size you will not come close to seeing the advertised speed. If the files you transfer are mostly text documents then be prepared for a long wait.


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