May 19 2000



From the reviews on this site you know that DSL is definitely fast. No more hours of waiting to download a movie trailer of an upcoming blockbuster hit. With DSL you can do it within minutes. Sputnik7.com offers you the opportunity to watch full-length films and music videos and they're all within reach if you got the width.

With the recent boom of mp3 popularity you too can join the craze and not be limited by your 56k connection. If you're a gamer like myself you can finally duke it out with someone from across the world in the game Unreal Tournament and other multiplayer games. You are no longer restricted to playing against your computer's artificial intelligence, but actually play against a praise-worthy opponent.

As you may or may not know for you to be able to get DSL service you would have to be a certain distance from the nearest phone office in your area. Distance is critical with DSL; the longer the distance between your home and the phone office the more likely your DSL will degrade in performance.

Flashcom is great but it has its downfalls. Don't let me deter you from choosing Flashcom for this is only my experience and yours might be totally different. After all I've gone through I'm glad I have Flashcom.

It took about 6 months to get everything in working order. Six months is a long wait considering they promised me one month. If your existing telephone line is outdated your telephone company will have to lay new lines for you, as in my case. For the most part I blame Bell Atlantic for the 6 months delay. After the lines had been installed my DSL was connected within a week.

Flashcom offers a free DSL modem, free installation, free pop3 email account, and free one month service. That in itself was enough to entice me to Flashcom, considering the DSL modems costs hundreds of dollars. There is also a three year commitment, but DSL will only gain popularity for years to come and may possibly bring down the prices.

For my final thoughts I hope Flashcom will hire more technical support operators. I have had to wait at least an hour on the phone for technical support. It seems to me that there's only one man working the phones. Every time I called it's the same guy.