Casio FX-115MS Plus Scientific Calculator

Jun 15 2005



Before making my decision I considered the Casio FX-115MS, SHARP EL-506WBBK, Texas Instruments TI-36X Solar and TI-30X IIB. I already owned a TI-82 graphing calculator so I felt a little comfortable to go with Texas Instruments. However, after doing extensive research on which calculator offered the best features for my money, I decided Casio was best for me.

First off, the TI-36X was clearly the best looking calculator of the bunch. I also liked the fact that it had a larger solar panel, which meant that it can run in the dimmest of lights better than the other calculators. The single-line LCD was ultimately its downfall. It is also the only calc in this round-up with a single-line LCD. I made the decision that I really wanted to be able to see the inputs I entered into the calculator and be able to see previous calculations and edit the equations. The TI-36X didn't do this.

Next, the TI-30X IIB appeared like a good-looking calc, but it lacked a lot of features the others had. Overall, it seemed like a very basic scientific calculator.

If the Sharp EL-506WBBK wasn't out-of-stock at the time I probably would've chosen it over the Casio. It looks almost identical to the FX-115MS except it used better color scheme of the printed text on the panel. With the Casio it is hard to tell the maroon from brown under flourescent light.

What else didn't I like with the FX-115MS? The clip-on cover. I would've preferred a sliding cover.

Aside from what I've previously mentioned, the FX-115MS is a great scientific calculator. It had all the functions I needed for my statistics course in college.

I tested how well the solar power performs in my bedroom and I'm saddened to say it peformed poorly with a 15 watt flourescent ceiling light. This is no big deal as the batteries can take over. I'm sure the light at school is plenty bright for the solar panels to work their magic.