The rear of the speaker is where all the connections and controls are found. There is a balanced quarter inch TRS and XLR and an unbalanced RCA for inputs. Two knobs control volume and the high frequency. The power switch like most studio monitors is located at the rear.

With no inputs connected a faint hiss can be heard from the twitter upto eighteen inches out. It is nothing obtrusive and undetectable by me three feet away. It is inaudible during normal listening. The woofer is silent as a dead mouse. I would say the amp is relatively quiet.

I connected the speakers to my computer's onboard sound using the RCA input. It revealed how noisy this particular onboard sound was. I had to turn the volume on the speakers almost all the way down to control the noise. Unfortunately, this also meant limiting the maximum volume I can use that is relatively noise-free. I did not have this noise problem with another onboard sound, however. A good soundcard with a high signal-to-noise ratio is a must have.

I have used the M-606v2 for three months, nearly every day. I have enjoyed it thoroughly. It is a good set of active speakers that is a pleasure for music listening. There is plenty of bass to rock the house and clarity to bring music to life. Although it will not produce bass as deep as a subwoofer it does it with great detail. However, when watching movies the bass can be overpowering relative to the higher frequencies, making the audio spectrum sound a bit unbalanced. Movie dialogs simply lacked openness. An equalizer will be of great help. If you are into modding perhaps you can tweak the amplifier/crossover itself.

This is iKEY-AUDIO's budget active studio monitors and it is probably tailored for DJ use since that is the market the brand caters to. People want to hear a lot of bass in live performances after all. The red woofers are eye-catching. Construction of the speakers could use better quality control. I hope mine is an isolated case.

With everything said I can recommend the M-606v2 to anyone looking for an affordable active studio monitors. You may also opt for passive speakers and a separate amplifier for more versatility. At the time of my research these were the only active studio monitors with 6.5 inches woofers for around $200. Other speakers in this price range are the Alesis M1Active 520 and M-Audio BX5a, both use five inches woofers.



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