MSI K7T Turbo 2

Jan 21 2003



Simply put, this is the best VIA KT133A motherboard you could ever own. All the tech websites that I've meticulously reviewed gave this motherboard a top score. If stability is your concern, you can't get any stabler than this mobo. I've not a single problem since installing this mobo in my system.

Of course, with quality comes price. You may think you're getting ripped off considering this is an older motherbaord and newer boards that are more advanced are priced lower. Rest assured, you get what you pay for. You can't go wrong with the K7T Turbo2.

The reason I got this board is that I have a lot of SDR rams that I would like to keep using. I didn't want to buy the new DDR rams when SDR rams are so cheap. I got a 512 MB memory for around $50. A couple years ago that would have set me back $200 or so. I'm waiting to add another 512 MB for a total of 1 GB. I do a lot of graphics and a lot of memory is a must.