Canon LA-DC52C Conversion Lens

Feb 21 2009



I was tempted to buy a non-canon adapter since they tend to be less expensive and usually made of durable aluminum.  Fortunately, I found a used Canon adapter at a bargain price. I used the adapter with a Canon WC-DC52 wide-angle lens on a Canon Powershot A70 digicam. 

Construction of the LA-DC52C is of durable plastic and not aluminum.  I'm guessing it's made of ABS plastic.  Some people would probably prefer an aluminum adapter because it is more durable than plastic.  I can assure you the build quality on the Canon adapter is good. It is light weight but it doesn't feel cheap or something that will readily crack when dropped.  With that said I wouldn't be tossing the thing around just to test it.

The finish is matte black and matches the Canon lens which is nice.  When attached on the Powershot A70 it looked like it's part of the camera and not some hack-job had I used a non-Canon adapter. The Canon lens appears to be made of the same plastic. 52 mm lens and filters can be attached to the adapter by threading it on and the adapter simply locks onto the camera body. 

What I really like going with Canon is that I can be confident that everything will fit nicely together.  I didn't want to be hassled with a lens that easily came loose on the adapter or that resulted in poor image because the focal point is not precisely taken into account. It's a fail-safe solution if you want to use a converter lens for your digicam.  It looks good and matches the fit and finish of Canon lenses.