DealExtreme C78 Torch


Fenix Bike Light Mount

Oct 5 2010


I find most bike lights you buy at department stores are underpowered, providing very little illumination past a few feet in front of you. The better bike lights which give out exceptional illumination tend to be very expensive. I do not get why they are so expensive. After all they're just flashlights, really, with a built in bike mount. Then I thought, what if I use my flashlight as a bike light. I'm talking about my C78 flashlight. I found several mounts that could accomodate the C78 but the Fenix light mount stood above the rest. It is more expensive than the others but I felt its construction and versatility was the overruling factor to get it.

The main feature that favored the Fenix light mount is its ability to rotate a full 360° in both X and Y-axis. This allows you to point the light exactly where you want it. Most light mounts only allow you to point the light up and down but not side to side.

Fenix Bike MountThe construction is made of PVC and according to Fenix it has anti-ageing finish for protection from the sun and rain. Yah, whatever that means. You'll be riding mostly in the dark if you're using a bike light. Sun damage is the least of my worries.

I thought this would be a bulky mount but it's quite compact. It's about 2.25" wide. The mount uses four thumb screws to lock everything in place. An extra pair is included which is nice. There is another model that have orange thumb screws with everything else being identical to the all-black model. The contrasting orange color does look nice in my opinion.

Installation is self-explanatory. There was no instruction manual included in the package. Four thumb screws secure the mount and flashlight and that's all there is to know. Rubber pads keep the mount and flashlight from slipping. You can rotate the mount on its Y-axis simply by twisting it. It makes clicking sounds as you twist and remains in position where you left it.


Fenix Bike Light Mount


Here's how my C78 looks on the mount. It looks great. The mount can accomodate a maximum of 27 mm diameter flashlight. My C78 has a 19 mm tube diameter. As you can see it fits perfectly.


Fenix Bike Light Mount


This is a great light mount from Fenix. I highly recommend it. I have not found a better mount that's as versatile as this and provides the security that it will remain in position even on rough rides. There's no need to worry about latches accidentally popping off because the flashlight is bolted down.