Linksys BEFSR41


Linksys BEFSR41

Jun 8 2001 (Updated Aug 9 2002)



If you want to share your broadband service with several computers then this is the hardware to get. It sports 4 ports to connect 4 computers simultaneously to the internet with out buying any extra devices and one port to connect a series of routers to expand your network in the future.

One great feauture about this router is DHCP and NAT. It allows you to have only 1 IP address and still be able to have several computers hooked to the net.

The configuration instructions are straight forward and should not leave you confused. All the configuration is done through your web browser. The package comes with an extra a cable and a Linux server software if you want to setup a server on your computer.

Unlike other routers this baby is a piece of work. It's got a blue faceplate and a dark grey body which I find very cool.

One odd thing I noticed with it's adapter is that it makes a ringing sound sometimes. The sound disappears when I unplug it and hook it back in. I don't know what that means.

This baby can now be had for a mere $70. If only I had waited this long.