Samsung ML-2010

Sep 01 2006



I've used a Samsung ML-2010 for roughly a few weeks and I am very satisfied with it. It is a monochrome printer. Printouts are unbelieavably sharp and crisp. Texts are as I expected from a laser printer. Graphics are adequate for my need.

The printer comes with a starter toner and power cable but no usb cable. The included toner is advertised to handle 1000 pages. I'm not holding my breath. It does have a "toner save" feature and enables the printer to use less toner for draft prints if you so choose. Texts and graphics won't look as dark and that's the trade-off.

One thing that really had me baffled was the toner save button on the printer would not work as one would expect. Although, I can enable/disable the feature through the software I could not get it to work by simply pressing the button right on the printer.

One thing that attracted me to this printer is that I can buy refill toners cheap on ebay given that a replacement toner cartridge costs $60. Three refills will cost $30 so you do the math.

The printer is noisy due to the cooling fan. Printing noise sounds like a copy machine and it doesn't bother me as that only lasts for a few seconds. The cooling fan is what can get annoying. It runs for a minimum of five minutes after each print job.

Overall, I'm happy with the printer. Nothing can come close to it's value in this price range. It's inexpensive and good. It costs me $50 after a $50 rebate.