Rio Diamond Monster Sound MX400

Jun 8 2001



I was able to get an OEM version of MX400 sound card for $30 by purchasing over the internet. I am happy with this card.

My initial installation of the drivers gave me nothing but headache. Eventually, I was able to accomplish this and from what I can tell the problem was with IRQ conflicts. All I had to do was move the card to a different PCI slot and everything was smooth from then on. The current drivers are available at

I was fortunate enough to have received a disk filled with softwares that complement the MX400 soundcard. Most of the softwares I found needless to my needs. My taste is more advance than what they had to offer so I chose not to install them. For beginners, then this might be something to try out.

The card truly shines in games that support the different 3D sound APIs available like EAX, DirectSound and others. The card is equipped with 2 outputs which translates to 4 speaker surround sound. It also has an spdif connection so you can connect your PC to an external A3D decoder to get a full surround sound when playing DVD movies.