Nintendo 64

May 26 2000



I sincerely hope Nintendo will recruit plenty of top Japanese game developers for their nextgen system codename: Dolphin. Considering the array of Playstation games currently available, foreign game developers have what it takes to make the greatest games around. Final Fantasy 8, I rest my case.

N64 games are great looking, but I'm disappointed that most of the games released are marketed for young gamers( below driving age ). Come on, now. I'm sick of Nintendo's clean image. The tide has changed and it's time to get their foot in the forbidden pool of rated X games. Why are developers targeting the "baby" audience. They don't have the moola to waste on video games. I do and plenty of it.

If developers wanted to pocket more of our hard-earned cash they should've targeted the post-teen market; the elite game players like myself. I'm 21, have money, and ready to splurge.

As a last thought, what's up with the high prices. I figured it all out. I can buy 3 used playstation games for the price of one N64 game.