Olympus Tracker 8x25 PC I Review


The Olympus Tracker is Fully Multi-Coated. Both the objective and eyepiece coatings have a green reflection and at certain angles a purple hue. Other Fully Multi-Coated binoculars I have seen have a predominantly purple hue. Which coating is better is beyond me.

When I went to Cabela's to check out the Nikon Trailblazer and Monarch 5 I noticed the differences in coating hue. The sales rep had no clue there were differences. I also took the opportunity to check out a Swarovski costing nearly two grand. How they can charge that much money for marginal gain in image quality remains a secret. They were definitely sharper edge to edge compared to the Trailblazer and Monarchs but is it worth five times the cost. I would save my money and get the Monarch 5.

The Olympus Tracker cost me fifty five bucks and I am very happy with it. It will run circles around the Monarch and Swarovski all day on my hike. The 8x magnification provides 315 ft. field of view which is expansive. I wish the exit pupil was larger than the 3.1 mm. If you look straight ahead everything is fine but if your eyes drift towards the edge your own pupils will move out of alignment with the exit pupils and fade to black. The field of view is so wide that your eyes naturally want to wonder only to have the curtain pulled over you. To compensate you will have to mindfully shift the binoculars in the direction you wan to look or keep the object of interest at center view. I guess this issue will largely depend on the size of your pupils with respect to the exit pupils of the eye pieces. The eyepiece lenses are roughly 17 mm wide, which is wider than some compact binoculars I have seen.

Image quality is bright and sharp. The view is tack sharp roughly from center to half way to the edge of field, where it gradually softens a tiny bit. Chromatic aberration is detectable in high contrast areas. Under normal usage these anomalies are a non-issue. Viewing remains a pleasure and the wide peripherals eliminates claustrophobia that you may experience with a narrower field of view.

Olympus Tracker CoatingOlympus Tracker Eyepiece

Lens collimation appear off to me. However, as my eyes are not perfect and suffer from astigmatism I can not be sure if what I see is what others will see as well. When I move the binoculars a few inches away from my eyes so that I see separate views of the left and right, the view on the right barrel is slightly higher. I created an illustration below to give an idea of what I am talking about. Now, my eyes have no problem merging the left and right images and I see a full circle aperture. I have not experienced any discomfort either. My eyes are probably compensating to a degree. When the images merge and I look toward the edges, the circle of light do not fully coincide. The right circle is sligthly higher as illustrated on the second image. Again, whether this is a problem or not may depend on the viewer's eyes. I have no problem with the view whatsoever but it makes me wonder if it can be improved.

Olympus Tracker CollimationOlympus Tracker Collimation

The 25 mm objectives provide ample light gathering from dawn to dusk. What my eyes can not see the Tracker can. Star gazing is ok but not mesmerizing. Star clusters do not have the same sparkle as when I view them with a 50 mm objective. Nebulosity from M42 of the Orion Constellation is barely detectable with 8x magnification. Chromatic aberration is rampant. This is not an instrument for star gazing.

Olympus has done a good job in the style department that keeps the Tracker well above ordinary. The silver metallic paint gives a touch of class with strategically placed rubber accents to provide a sure grip. It is not too flashy or too mundane.

Olympus Tracker UVOlympus Tracker Focuser

The included leather case can be attached to a belt. Although it looked bulky on my waste it did not drag my pants down. A neck strap is also provided.

Olympus Tracker Pouch

I highly recommend the Olympus Tracker. It is a solidly built binocular that is small and light weight but with enough aperture to keep the view bright and crisp. This binocular is built for all occasions. I can see myself bringing it to a concert, ball game or air show. It is a quick grab item that you won't hesitate to take with you.


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