Black & Decker PD600

Sep 1 2006



Sometimes it's nice to have a powered screwdriver in-hand for simple jobs like screw/unscrew stuff around you. Although it may be a simple task, my forearm does tire-out after a while. Having a mechanized way to screw is nice.

This power screwdriver is very handy. Even if I have a full-fledged drill with screwdriver bits, having this smaller machine is more favorable. It is lite and agile with the slimmer profile. It outputs 6 volts of power.

The drill folds into three positions to ease handling during operation. An adjustable clutch system is present and should be set depending on the task. This will keep you from over-tightening screws or if you need it to fully engage when drilling. You can select from 180 rpm or 600 rpm. The lower speed is appropriate for screw driving while the high speed is good for drilling.

The PD600 comes with one Philips and Flathead bits and a tiny drill bit. It will also accept any hex bits you may have. A small power brick charges the internal NiCad battery. That's about it for this barebones pack.

I do like this unit but it's not without flaws. The first being the bit holder that doesn't hold very securely and the bits easily come off. The included tape measure is something I didn't care for. It is cheap.

I found gear switching rough at times. The speed selector switch would get stuck halfway due to gear misalignment. Running the drill a few revolutions until the gear switch fully engages solves the problem. Simple enough, but the manual warns against running the drill while switching gears as this may damage them.

Lastly, one thing I like about Dewalt drills is that the quick-change mechanism pops the bits out when you push down the collet. With the PD600 it's not as efficient. You push the collet down with one hand and pull the bit out with the other.

Overall, this is a handy tool to have.