Perfect Dark

Jun 14 2000 (Updated Aug 10 2000)



Perfect Dark will probably be the last game I will buy for the N64. This is the epitomy of what good games are all about. I don't think there are any other N64 games besides Zelda, that could put a gleam on my eye.

Perfect Dark has stunning visuals that pushes the system to its full capacity. This is easily noticeable when the framecount drops during intense shootout, which can be annoying. There's an option for hi-res graphics as well, but you sacrifice with choppy animation and a good chance for an eye strain. To me this option is totally useless and shouldn't have been included. You can barely tell any difference in game detail when you switch it on.

Like many other first-person shooter games, Perfect Dark boasts impressive array of weapons; to hand guns to see-throughwall-phasers. But, nothing can beat proximity mines to take out several of your bewildered foes all at ones.

Another thing that impressed me about the game is the amount of detail incorporated into the game like transparency, flares, reflections(my favorite), voice-overs(rare for N64's cartridge-based games), and cut-scenes(which reminded me a little of Resident Evil). During your first intro to the game you'll be amazed at the grandeur of the Carlington Institute building, but don't hold back there's more in-store for you.

This game is a must buy and I proudly put it on the shelf with Zelda64.