APC PRO8T2 Defective

January 19, 2012


I own three APC surge protectors and the PRO8T2 is such a nice unit that I have two. I've used this particular model for around ten years now and never had any problems until recently. One day I noticed the unit felt hot. A brown mark had developed underneath the casing due to the heat. This got me curious and I decided it was a good time to inspect what was going on inside.

The thing with surge suppressors is that you really do not know how good it is or how well it protects your connected equipment until a catastrophic event occurs. You are just hoping that it does. Your equipment either survives the event or is destroyed in the process. The majority of the time the surge suppressor waits in the background with no hint that it's doing something. I wish for every surge it shunts it would tell me, "I just protected your equipment." But surge protectors are too modest.

Typically, you only have the advertised specificatons, provided by the manufacturer, to determine how capable a surge suppressor is. When it comes to power protection I am more likely to choose a company whose core business revolves around power protection as opposed to a company that tries to do everything. APC is all about power protection.

So what happend to my PRO8T2? Well, I opened the unit to inspect and discovered three resistors showing heat damage. The PCB has turned a darker color as well as a brown spot on the interior of the case. It appears the resistors are part of the circuit that powers the green LED. I do not know if a surge would be responsible but the unit is still working but I am on edge whether I should continue to use it. I don't want to burn my carpet.


apc pro8t2 open


Three 2K Ohm resistors look charred. If you look carefully the center resistor looks darker than the other two and has cracked. Due to the proximity this may have led to the other two to overheat as well.


apc pro8t2 resistor


Check out the components used in the PRO8T2. The two inductors look impressive. I think they do filtering and perhaps current limiting. The yellow, rectangular object is a filter capacitor as well. The orange components splattered all over are the metal oxide varistors. There are four for the outlets and several tiny ones for the telephone connection. There is one resetable over-current fuse, a ceramic fuse, a resetable fuse as well as a thermal fuse.


apc pro8t2 inside

I have contacted APC about my problem and I was surprised that they will send me a replacement after ten years. Their customer service told me they have a lifetime warranty on the unit so I am good to go. I don't even have to send my unit back until I receive the replacement. This is great to hear.