Road Runner

Jun 8 2001



RoadRunner by TimeWarner Cable is extrememly fast, 6 times faster than my Flashcom DSL service. With RoadRunner I'm only paying $45/month compared to my DSL which is $50/month and only 1/6 the speed of RoadRunner.

Finally, I can watch online movies in realtime and not having to wait hours for downloads to complete. I used to download a 4mb mp3 file in 2 minutes, but with RoadRunner I can download it in 20 sec. My download speed is 200kbps(RR) and 40kbps(Flashcom).

My service was ready to be installed within a month after calling for an appointment. The technician came in on time and installation was quick and painless.

I am glad I found RoadRunner. I feel like a sucker for paying $50 for Flashcom DSL at a slower speed.