Unreal Tournament

Mar 17 2001 (Updated Jun 8 2001)

It all came down to either getting Unreal Tournament or Quake3. I've played both demos before deciding on which one I would get and I ended up with Unreal Tournament. The determining factor that stirred me to this game is its awesome graphics; the water ripples are just amazing to watch.

Right out of the box the game boast only 40 arenas to compete in, as if that isn't enough, but a few downloads from the internet can easily get you more than 100 arenas. Believe me, this is plenty to play with.

The arenas range from small to incredibly huge and the level of detail is exceptionally well done. The second disk holds extra high resolution textures and if your graphics card can support these textures it will add even more details to the arenas like bump mapping. Moving up close to objects like walls won't leave you squinting for details. The textures remain sharp and focus even at close range.

The surround sound feature of UT is also a great feature especially with a four speaker set up. You'll be able to hear sounds in 3 dimensional so you won't have to guess where the enemy is; you'll easily hear their minute foot steps.

Once you're done playing with computer opponents try a game with other UT gamers over the internet. Nothing beats a cooperative game.