Motorola V300

Apr 24 2004 (Update Jan 20 2005)



I The V300 is simply beautiful with it's high contrast, blue and silver color-scheme, and that's one of the main reasons I chose this phone over other phones in the price range.

I'll mainly mention the quirks of the phone. First off, the package doesn't come with a data cable. This would've been useful so I can transfer sound and picture files to and from my computer.

Menu browsing noticeably lags on occasion. When the phone is off, the blue light of the external LCD would turn on for no reason and removal of the battery is the only way to get the phone to function normally again. This kills battery life quickly if you happen not to notice it right away. If you password protect the multimedia section of the phone and use the camera, some of the images you take will not save.

One neat feature of the V300 is picture ID. When someone calls, the picture you set for the caller is displayed instead of the caller's phone number. Unfortunately, this feature is only available if you store your phone numbers in the phone's memory. This is quite frustrating as I prefer to store my numbers on the sim card itself. That way, when I do a master reset, my phone numbers are still intact.

The phone's camera captures a max resolution of 640x480. The images are adequate for a camera phone. It's a nice feature to have when you're bored and want to take pictures.

From my experience the phone lasts for approximately 5 days in standby mode. Of course the main factor to cellphone battery duration is the signal strength to the phone. If the phone is getting weak signals it amplifies it's receiver in order to compensate. This amplification uses up more power and thus, lower battery duration. If you want your cellphone to last longer in standby mode make sure you rest it in a place where it gets strong signal, like near a window with no obstructions.