Logitech Z-340

Aug 9 2002

If you're on a budget and want an awesome set of speakers then look no further than Logitech's Z-340. For $50 it's all yours. I tested this baby along with other speakers in the same price range and this was by far the loudest and outstanging of them all, thanks to it's superb woofer.

The satellites are great with high-range with crisp sound, but where the Z-340 truely shines is with it's woofer. It's got not one, not two, but a big, 8" driver. That's the biggest I've seen in a $50 speaker. This baby has enough power for room shaking, neighbor harassing goodness. It's impressive how a relatively small woofer can produce such low frequencies. Sometimes, the bass gets overwhelming that I have to turn it halfway down.

Using the THX bass sound test mp3 that I downloaded, I was able to test the woofers low frequency handling. Again, it was great.

The speakers are really great for close range, like on your computer setup. If you are far away from the speakers the high-range gets washed by the bass and you'll have to turn that down to get a clearer sound.

I don't own a full stereo system, but I do have a walkman, portable mp3 player, and with this speaker set, that's really all I need. You could swear I owned a $200 system if you heard it.