UHF / VHF Antenna Designs


The following are my attempts at simulating various styles of UHF/VHF antennas using 4Nec2 version 5.8.14. The simulation is over real ground as I feel it will more accurately reflect real-world performance than if done in freespace. Afterall, I'm not building an antenna for outer space. As results show the gain is markedly higher when the ground is included in the simulation. The antenna SWR in freespace or ground varied little if any. Varying antenna height over ground also showed little change in SWR but the gain varied quite a bit.

keep in mind that using a simulator doesn't mean you'll get the same results in the real world as what you see on the computer. Unless you have equipment to varify results one can only assume it's accurate. I've had a hell of a time using 4nec2 with all its bugs. I think it's best to simply compare between antennas you yourself have modelled with 4nec2. Do incremental tweaks until you find an acceptable compromise.


m3 m3 m4
M4b   M6c
m6 m6 m2








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