Directv Cinema Connection Kit

Turn a Directv Cinema Connection Kit to a wireless Access Point

Oct 17, 2015


If you're a former Directv customer you may have a Cinema Connection Kit(CCK) laying around. You're probably wondering what to do with it. Well don't throw it away as you can turn it into a wireless access point dongle. If your router has Wifi Protected Setup(WPS) feature then you're all set since the device has a WPS button on the back. You can then connect it to your computer or any device that has an ethernet and give it wireless access to your internet.

If your router does not have WPS there is still hope. My CCK unit has an IP address of as revealed by my Netgear WNDR3400V2 router. Now, I am not certain if this IP address will be the same for all Directv Cinema Connection Kit. It may be different depending on your location or hardware version. Give it a try anyway.

Power up the CCK and hit the reset button on the back for ten seconds. The unit will do its dance and the lights in the front will eventually stabilize. Plug the CCK to your computer via ethernet.

The computer automatically obtains an IP address by default. Now, in order for your computer to communicate with the CCK you need to manually assign the computer an IP address in the same network as the CCK. In this case you could assign the computer an IP address of and subnet mask of

Once done go to Internet Explorer and enter the address and you should see the login screen below. Enter "admin" on both boxes and you should be directed to the settings page.

The first page you should see is the Setup. Man, it felt good to see this page. I knew it existed. It took me months to find this solution. The default configurations you see may be different from mine. On this page just make sure the Bridge IP is set to DHCP so that your router will automatically assign an IP address to the bridge. Click "Save Changes" button to save.

Under Wireless settings is where you enter your router info like the SSID, security and passphrase. WEP, WPA/WPA2 are supported. Note on top of the page that Station is selected by default. Once again save changes before moving to the next section.


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