Verizon Feature Phones



Smartphones have taken over the cellphone industry and shows no sign of relenting. Whether you realize it or not feature phones will soon be a thing of the past. Wireless Carriers are slowly phasing out feature phones by cutting down on the number of models they offer. They will not admit it but it is self-evident just by looking at their measly offerings. The ratio of smartphones to feature phones is rougly 3:1. What is worse is the quality of the feature phones have declined. They are at best mediocre.

The golden days of feature phones wasn't that long ago. I remember a time when companies like Motorola and Nokia were rolling out highly anticipated phones with highly publicized fanfare similar to a mob scene when a new iPhone goes on sale. May be not as ridiculous but close. I particularly remember the cutting-edge Motorola Razr with its unique flat buttons design. It was a great looking phone and definitely the one to own.

For Carriers it makes good business sense to push smartphones onto consumers. The mandatory data packages that comes with them is a big source of revenue. For those that simply want a basic phone, well we are pretty much scraping for scraps. To add insult to injury Verizon recently mandated a $30 phone upgrade fee. Free phone upgrades from Verizon is a thing of the past. But don't cry just yet. If you provide your own phone replacement, the fee is then waived. This is the primary motivation for this article.

You may think feature phones of yesteryear are long gone but surprisingly a lot of them can still be had. As Carriers liquidate their old inventory these phones end up in the hands of resellers who put them up for sale on ebay or Amazon. Many are even sold as new devices. It won't be long before they are gone for good.

I have created a list of Verizon feature phones that are noteworthy. This is not an exhaustive list and I omitted generic-looking phones. Some of the phones used to require some form of data package but Verizon has dropped that requirement for these end-of-life phones a few years ago. From what I gather Verizon customer service representatives are not up to speed on this fact and you may get varying responses whether a phone does in fact require a data package. A few diligent customers have suggested calling customer service several times until you get someone who will activate the phone and remove the montly data requirement. Also, putting a data block on the line will prevent future data usage.