Disassemble Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000

Mar 21, 2011



I hate this mouse. The buttons are not the best quality. The mechanical engineering for the wheel is very bad. I wanted to like this mouse because it was relatively inexpensive and looks decent enough. Now I feel cheated by Microsoft. I own an earlier Microsoft Optical Mouse that is top notch even though it's a basic mouse. If I can undo my purchase I would buy the original Optical Mouse instead for the same amount of money.

The major flaw of the Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 for me are the two main buttons. When I click and hold the buttons they will disengage on their own even though I'm still pressing down on them. This becomes very evident in my normal use of the computer. I drag and drop stuff often and I constantly end up dropping files where I don't want them. And when I'm scrolling a web page the mouse will randomly release the scroll bar and I will have to click and hold it again.

Another frustrating characteristic of this mouse is the stiff middle mouse button, which is also the wheel. This button is harder than it should be to press. You have to learn to press it at a specific way to reduce some of the inertia of pressing it. It's pathetic.

I took it upon myself to crack this mouse open and see what was going on inside. I thought may be I could remedy the problems. Perhaps I could simply switch out the faulty switches. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be as I'll describe later on.

So how exactly do you open this mouse you may ask. Thankfully the mouse is partially transparent and I could see that the screws are hidden by the four sliding pads. Carefully take a pin and gently insert it between the pads and mouse to lift them off. They are glued on but easily come off.

With the pads removed you can remove the four screws holding the mouse together.

Now turn the mouse over and you should be able to lift the top off as shown below. That's all there is to it.

Notice the switches themselves. They are not the rectangular switches that most mice use. I thought I could replace them since I have the spare parts but I've never seen this type of switch before.


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