Harrison R4 AC Compressor Repair Tutorial


Now we're ready to remove the pulley. Take the Puller Kit (5) and Puller Jaws (6) and configure it as shown in the image below. Make sure Puller Jaws are tight and secure on the pulley as they'll want to come off once it begins pulling. Use one hand to hold the puller to keep it from turning and using a socket wrench with the other hand turn the center bolt clockwise slowly. As you turn the pulley will gradually pull out. Initially, it may require a lot of force to turn the bolt but once the pulley pops loose it will be much easier.

The image below shows an error where I left the snap ring in place before taking the picture. Make sure you remove it before continuing to this step.


Harrison R4 Compressor Pulley


With the pulley removed we can now see the magnetic coil. It is also press fitted onto the compressor. When energized it turns into an electromagnet that draws the clutch and pulley together. The magnetic coil is solid but brittle so don't exert any force on it. It is partly encapsulated by metal at the rear and that's the only point where you should be pulling.

This image actually shows my replacement coil installed and not the damaged one.


Harrison R4 Compressor Coil


Let's pull the coil off by configuring the Puller Kit as shown below. You may have to improvise in the positioning of the Puller Jaws like I did. As before hold the puller with one hand and with a socket wrench on the other slowly turn the center bolt clockwise to pull the coil off.


Harrison R4 Compressor Coil


Hurray! We are now halfway done. At this point it's time to clean all surfaces of dirt, oil and grease. Assess if any other parts needs replacing.

If you need to replace the clutch or pulley do not get a refurbished one. What the manufacturer does is take an old part and resurfaces it. This effectively thins out the remaining metal making it structurally weaker. This is what I initially did and one day the pulley cracked in a circle and made a terrible noise.


Harrison R4 Compressor



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