Harrison R4 AC Compressor Repair Tutorial



Reassembly is the reverse of what we just did obviously. The only difference is the tools we'll use to do the job. I did not have all the proper tools so I had to improvise. It got the job done and that's all that mattered.

I installed the coil basically by tapping it into place. I used a punch and hammer. It's not the proper way but it worked for me. I lightly tapped around the inner metal rim of the coil until the back of it was flush with the compressor. I tapped in a star pattern to ensure even placement. You could also use a metal pipe with the same diameter as the inner rim of the coil. That probably would be easier.


Harrison R4 Compressor Coil


The pulley went in the same way as the coil. This step took longer for me. I used some lubrication on the cylinder to cut down on friction. Using the blunt end of the punch and hammer I carefully tapped on the inner race of the bearing. Once again using a star pattern to ensure even placement. A metal pipe with the same diameter as the inner race of the bearing could be used and would make this step a whole lot easier. Keep tapping until the groove on the cylinder is visible. This groove is where the snap ring goes.


Harrison R4 Compressor Pulley


Here the snap ring is in place. Lightly tap it in to ensure it's fully seated.


Harrison R4 Compressor Pulley


I cleaned up the key and shaft of any grease and oil. Earlier, I made sure the slot was at 12 o' clock. This is so the key can simply rest in the slot.


Harrison R4 Compressor Pin



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