Harrison R4 AC Compressor Repair Tutorial


Now we're ready to put the clutch back on. We'll need the clutch installer tool we used earlier configured as shown below. Basically we flipped the outer nut and removed the screw that went at the tip of the bolt. Also, we'll be using a bearing that is supposed to reduce friction. The bearing that came with the kit is crap. It did not turn easily. The metal shell was soft and simply buckled and seized the ball bearings inside.


Harrison R4 Compressor Tool Installer


Put the clutch onto the compressor shaft by hand as far as it will go. The clutch is also slotted for the key to go into. Make sure the key doesn't slip out. The key should align the shaft and clutch into place.

Install the clutch installer tool as shown below by screwing the bolt onto the compressor shaft as far as it will go. Notice the bearing placement. It will serve as a gliding surface for the outer nut as it is turned.


Harrison R4 Compressor Installer


We use the socket wrench and crescent wrench as before. This time we turn the outer nut clockwise while the bolt remains stationary. As you turn the outer nut will press on the bearing and clutch. The bearings is supposed to turn with outer nut but in my case it doesn't because it's crap. It simply seizes midway through because of the pressure.

As you turn, the clutch will slowly move in towards the pulley.


Harrison R4 Compressor Installer


Do not push the clutch all the way in. It needs to be a certain distance from the pulley. We use a feeler gauge (7) to set the proper air gap. In my case I set the gap to 0.030" (0.792 mm).


Harrison R4 Compressor Feeler Gauge


Place the gauge between the pulley and clutch and measure all around to ensure the proper gap. The gap will probably not be the same all around so just make sure the narrowest gap is near the specification of your compressor.

If you need to narrow the gap, then keep tightening. If it's too narrow then use the clutch puller once again to pull it out a little.


Harrison R4 Compressor Feeler Gauge



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