Samsung SyncMaster 226BW Repair


I got this new soldering station from ebay, the Atten AT 938D, that I was excited to try out. I will write a review of it when I get the chance. It is from a Chinese manufacturer that is rebranded by several companies. It is a good looking unit but the performance was lack-luster. You can adjust the temperature up to 450°C but mine could only climb to 400°C. It is sufficiently hot enough to do the desoldering work I needed to do but I was still disappointed.

The solder sucker I also got was useless. The hard plastic tip does not form a tight seal around what is being sucked and the air just flows around the solder. It should be made of high temperature silicone so it can bend and deform to the working surface. I ended up doing what I usually do and melt one leg of the capacitor at a time. The big 150 uF 450 V capacitor was the most challenging one since it needed the most solder removed.

Solder Sucker

After all was said and done here is how the power supply board looks. I could not find a replacement for the 450V capacitor with the same dimensions so I elected to get something slightly bigger. Notice how stubby the new capacitor is compared to the stock. It is 5 mm thicker than the original and the leads required bending to fit it through the holes on the board. This thing has some heft so do not forget to put silicone adhesive to secure it in place. The other capacitors are also slightly longer cans than the stock which should prove beneficial in terms of durability.

150uF 450V Nichicon Capacitor Replacement820uF 25V Nichicon Capacitor Replacement680uF 25V KZE Capacitor Replacement47uF 50V Nichicon Capacitor Replacements

I am happy to report my monitor is back in order and should be in service for several more years. If you are curious here are the part numbers at

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